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Scents available are:

Amish Harvest - a spicy blend of dried fruit, great fall scent

Apple Cinnamon - blend of apple and cinnamon

Baby Powder - smells just like the powder, great gift for new parents

Banana Kiwi - fruity blend of mild banana and tangy kiwi

Banana Nut Bread - spicy, nutty baked banana bread

Bayberry - fresh, clean piney woodsy scent

Birthday Cake - white cake with buttercream frosting

Black Cherry - sweet, dark black cherry

Blackberry Sage - a hint of sage with juicy blackberries

Blueberry Cobbler - sweet, juicy blueberries baked in a cobbler

Caramel Apple - crisp juicy apple smothered in rich caramel sauce

Carrot Cake - rich spicy cake with thick cream cheese frosting

Cedar - classic cedar scent, woodsy

Cherry Cheesecake - rich decadent cheesecake with juicy sweet cherry topping

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - juicy red strawberries dipped in milk chocolate

Christmas Tree - great fresh pine scent

Cinna-Vanilla - blend of cinnamon and vanilla

Cinnamon - rich spicy cinnamon stick

Cleopatra - blend of fruit and musk, very unique

Cool Citrus Basil - citrus blend with hint of fresh basil

Cranberry Spice - spicy tart cranberry blend

Cranberry Vanilla - blend of tart cranberries and vanilla

Cucumber Melon - sweet juicy melon and crisp green cucumber

Egyptian Musk - exotic musk

Eucalyptus - crisp herbal scent, great with a stuffy nose

Freesia - fragrant freesia blossom

French Vanilla - fantastic classic vanilla scent

Fresh Cut Grass - green herbal, smells just like the real thing (without the work)

Fresh Linen - crisp clean laundry

Gardenia - classic heady floral

German Chocolate Cake - rich chocolate cake with pecan coconut caramel frosting

Gingerbread - deep rich spicy gingerbread scent

Grapefruit - juicy tart grapefruit

Hazelnut Cappuccino - rich coffee scent with creamy hazelnut

Honeysuckle - heady summer floral

Hot Cocoa - rich hot chocolate with melting marshmallows

Hot Fudge Brownie - fudgy decadent brownie

Hyacinth - heady spring floral, this is dead on!

Iced Cinnamon Buns - rich cinnamon buns with warm melting icing

Jasmine - heady floral

Juicy Peach - juicy ripe peaches, you'll need a napkin for this one

Juniper Breeze - fresh woodsy berry

Key Lime Pie - tart lime baked in a graham cracker crust

Lavender - more floral than herbal, great scent

Leather - genuine leather, great men's scent

Lemon Meringue Pie - tangy lemon with sweet meringue baked on top

Lemon Zest - tart lemon

Lemongrass - slightly crisp green herbal

Lilac - fantastic spring floral, this is dead on!

Lotus Blossom - heady tropical floral

Macintosh Apple - juicy apple scent

Magnolia - heady floral

Mandarin Teak - exotic woodsy citrus blend

Mango Papaya - tropical sweet and juicy blend of mango and papaya

Melon Mist - blend of cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew

Moonlit Path type - musky floral blend

Mulberry - sweet juicy purple mulberry

Ocean - tangy ocean breeze

Odor Eliminator - great all around fresh scent for eliminating odors

Orange-Cedar - blend of citrus and woodsy scents

Orange Clove - spicy clove embedded in sweet juicy orange

Patchouli - exotic herbal blend

Peaches-n-Cream - sweet juicy peaches smothered in cream

Pearberry - sweet berry blend

Peppermint - crisp cool mint

Pine Needle - crisp woodsy pine, great for Christmas season

Pineapple - sweet juicy pineapple

Pipe and Christmas Slippers - warm blend of cherry and pipe tobacco

Plum Pudding - juicy plums baked in a rich dark cake

Plumeria - sweet floral

Pomegranate - juicy red ripe tangy pomegranate

Pumpkin Pie - sweet spicy blend

Raspberry - juicy wild red raspberry

Red Currant - tart red currant

Rose Bouquet - heady fragrant bouquet of roses

Sleigh Ride - great holiday scent with pine, vanilla, berry and fruit

Snickerdoodle - spicy warm baked cookies

Strawberry - juicy red ripe strawberries

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - tart and tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberry pie

Sugar Cookie - rich buttery cookie with the rich thick frosting

Sunday Rain - clean floral scent

Sweet Pea - sweet floral scent

Tangerine Dreams - blend of sweet citrus and herbs

Vermont Maple Syrup - rich thick maple syrup

Warm Apple Pie - spicy apples and cinnamon baked in a pie

Watermelon - sweet juicy watermelon

Wildberry Zinger Tea - blend of berries and tea

Ylang Ylang - clean refreshing scent


Don't forget!!  I will search for that special scent if I don't carry it.

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