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Candle Accessories

We have a number of different styles of tart warmers/burners in stock.

We have several different colors of this electric warmer available.  It comes in burgundy, blue, black, white, cream and hunter green.  These allow you to warm a candle on the plate, and have a removable dish for melting tarts.
$11.00 each



Tealight style burners in white/brown or green.



$5.00 each


We have wick dippers available in two styles.  Either hand beaded or the boxed wick dipper.  These allow you to extinguish your candles without the soot and smoke that comes from blowing out the flame.  You simply dip the flaming wick in the melted wax and use the hook to pull it out and straighten the wick.  The wick will be coated with the wax and ready to trim and light the next time.

$3.75 each $3.75 each


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